Investing in the Safety & Welfare of Our Citizens

Whenever the subject of a fire department arises, interest invariably turns to the fire trucks and other equipment found within the department.

Perhaps this is so because it is the trucks that garner so much attention around town, whether just riding through the streets or responding with lights and sirens to an emergency call.

Engine One outside

While on the surface it may seem like such abiding interest in the trucks is a superficial thing, that is by no means the case. Carrboro's fire trucks represent a significant financial investment for the town, and it is right that the citizens, as well as the members of the department, take tremendous pride in them. They are your trucks, and they represent the community's investment in the safety and welfare of its citizens.

Everyone in town, both young and less young, is welcome to come by and look at the trucks in person. So feel free to drop in and say hello. However, if you are unable to visit, we hope you take a few minutes to browse the pictures and information below about the equipment that stands at the ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to any call for help from the citizens of Carrboro and Orange County.

Facilities & Apparatus

At Station 1 there are 2 pumper / tankers, 1 brush truck, and 1 ladder truck. At Station 2 there is 1 pumper/tanker and 1 reserve ladder truck.

Also listed are some of the various tools and other equipment we carry and use on the fire truck. We have taken the time to list some of these items because many folks think all we carry are hose, axes, and ladders. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Much of the equipment we use today employs advanced technology, all of which helps us do our job in a safer and more effective manner.

Ladder Truck